DURAL AQUA DAM 702 is a two-component polyurethane injection foam. DURAL AQUA DAM 702 is a closedcell rigid but flexible polyurethane injection foam that can be cured with or without water. It is an environmentally friendly product; Therefore, it does not contain halogenated components and CFCs in its structure. It has excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. It is applied for waterproofing on wet soils and for consolidation on weak soils with loose particles. It provides a permanent solution in the insulation of high pressure water in water structures. DURAL AQUA DAM 702 provides permanent waterproofing and consolidation by penetrating even capillary cracks and small gaps with its penetration feature









DURAL AQUA DAM 702 Component A; 20 kg drum

DURAL AQUA DAM 702 Component B; 23 kg drum




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