TUF-STRAND SF is a patented polypropylene / polyethylene macro synthetic fiber that has been successfully used as a replacement for steel fibers, mesh steels and conventional reinforcing bars in a wide variety of applications. TUF-STRAND SF fibers comply with ASTM C1116, the standard specification for fiber-reinforced concrete and shotcrete, and are specifically designed to provide tensile and bending strength equivalent to conventional reinforcement requirements. TUF-STRAND SF reinforced concrete will provide three-dimensional reinforcement with increased flexural strength, impact and abrasion resistance, and will also help reduce the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete. Dose rates will vary depending on supplementation requirements and may range from 1.8 kg/m3 to 12 kg/m3. TUF-STRAND SF macro-synthetic fibers comply with the relevant parts of the International Code of Conduct (ICC) AC32 Acceptance Criteria for synthetic fibers, are UL approved for composite metal deck construction and are considered alternative reinforcements under ACI 360 and SDI/ANSI-C1.0. .







Material: Polypropylene/polyethylene

Specific Gravity: 0.92

Typical Dosage Rates: 3.0 to 20.0 lbs/yd³ (1.8 to 12.0 kg/m³)

Available Lengths: 2” (51 mm)

Aspect Ratio: 74

Tensile Strength: 87-94 ksi (600 to 650 MPa)

Modulus of Elasticity (EN 14889.2): 1380 ksi (9.5 GPa)

Melt Point: 320oF (160oC) Electrical/Thermal Conductivity: Low

Water Absorption: Negligible Acid and Alkali

Resistance: Excellent

Color: White



TUF-STRAND SF macro synthetic fibers are available in 10kg boxes, 1.0kg water-soluble bags.



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