EUCOLITH R 24 is a new plasticizer developed for zero slump concrete products, which increases demoulding and final strength, improves production efficiency. Because it reduces the effect of friction between surfaces; EUCOLITH R 24 provides better compaction of the side surfaces and ensures easy removal of products from the mold. It helps sharp edges to come out smooth, especially with little vibration. EUCOLITH R 24 admixture considers four factors for manufactured concrete products: Economy, Performance, Aesthetics and Durability. The EUCOLITH R 24 additive has a three-part effect:

• It disperses the cement particles in the mixture and thus improves the cement hydration.

• Increases the mobility of cement paste and thus improves compaction. This situation controls segregation and spalling and thus increases the strength of the hardened concrete.

• It provides strength development at an early age, thus allowing blocks to be lifted earlier, resulting in reduced labor costs and increased site efficiency.









1,163 – 1,223 kg/L


7 - 8

 Chlorine ion content %

≤ 0.10 (by weight)

 Alkali content %

≤ 3.0 (by weight)

 Corrosion behavior

It contains only components that comply with the BS EN 934-1:2008, Annex A.1 standard.

 Dangerous materials

It fully complies with Annex-AZ.



EUCOLITH R 24 available in bulk, 1000 kg IBC




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