TUF-STRAND MAXTEN is a synthetic macrofiber successfully used as an alternate to steel fibers and welded wire mesh in a wide variety of secondary reinforcement applications. TUF-STRAND MaxTen fibers comply with ASTM C1116, Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete, and are specifically used for the reduction of plastic shrinkage cracks, to improve impact, shatter and abrasion resistance, to increase fatigue resistance, and to increase toughness of concrete and provide long term durability of concrete and cement based building products. Dosage rates will vary depending upon the reinforcing requirements and can range typically from 1.8 to 3 kg/m3. TUF-STRAND MaxTen synthetic macrofibers comply with applicable portions of the International Code Council (ICC) Acceptance Criteria AC32 for synthetic fibers and can save time and money on construction projects by eliminating the purchase, storage, handling, cutting, placing and waste of welded wire mesh. These fibers are chemically inert and will not corrode.









Typical Features TUF-STRAND MaxTen
Material: Polypropylene/polyethylene
Specific Gravity: 0,91 g/cm3
Typical Dosage Rates: 1.8 to 3 kg/m3
Available Lengths: 54 mm
Tensile Strength: 550 ila 650 MPa
Melt Point: 160oC



TUF-STRAND MaxTen; Macro synthetic fibers are available in 10kg boxes and 1.0kg water-soluble bags.





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