EUCON RETARDER 100 is a water reducing and setting retarding liquid concrete admixture. It is a modified sodium gluconate. EUCON Retarder 100 does not contain calcium chloride or other potentially corrosive materials and can be used with embedded aluminum or zinc elements. EUCON Retarder 100 can be used at various consumption rates to achieve longer curing times compared to a control mix that takes up to 30 hours. Compatible with air entraining additives, water reducers and calcium chloride.


Basic Applications;

• Prestressed concrete
• Concrete requiring water reduction and set protection
• Architectural concrete
• Concrete pouring in hot weather



Plastic Concrete
• Retards setting characteristics
• Improves finishability
• Improves workability
• Reduces water requirements
• Reduces segregation

Hardened Concrete
• Increases strengths
• Improves finished appearance
• Reduces cracking
• Reduces permeability
• Non staining




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