ACCELGUARD NCA is a set accelerator and water reducing concrete admixture that does not contain calcium chloride or added chloride ions. It improves the properties of plastic and hardened concrete, provides a significant improvement in early setting and hardening properties, better workability, and lower sweating and segregation. This additive is compatible with air-entraining admixtures and high water-reducing (superplasticizers) and conventional water-reducing concrete admixtures. ACCELGUARD NCA works well at all temperatures, but has been found to be most effective in the range of 2°C to 10°C.


• Concrete casting in cold weather
• Structural (reinforced concrete) and unreinforced concrete
• Ready-mixed concrete
• Precast concrete and post-tensioned concrete



• It reduces the initial hardening to 1 to 4 hours depending on the concrete temperatures.
• Improves workability and provides denser concrete.
• It minimizes sweating and separation.
• Improves the development of compressive strength in the early stages.
• Reduces overtime by providing early finishing.
• Increases the protection of reinforcement in concrete.