About us

EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları; with more than half a century of experience and a wide product range, it is the indispensable supplier of the construction industry. It is the choice of world companies with its customer-oriented management philosophy. The partnerships established with international companies, the production agreements made, the products developed, the increased production capacity thanks to the activities to open up to new markets, and the understanding of quality that has become perfect along with all of these, is the whole of the efforts of EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları to reach its goal of being the most important organized chemical plant in Turkey.



EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları offers solutions to the increasing expectations of its customers and business partners with its continuous technology investments. EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları, which has expanded its fields of activity with the organized chemical plant it has built on its 120 thousand square meter land in Adapazarı, develops its knowledge and experience with international collaborations. The necessary institutional structures for the healthy management and development of all these activities have been finalized, thereby increasing the quality of services offered to customers.

EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları, working as a team with its technical staff specialized in different fields, trained employees, R&D team consisting of PhD researchers and senior managers, maintains and develops its leading position.

EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları cooperates with the world's leading chemical companies such as Euclid Chemical (RPM) on production issues.

Adapazarı facilities of EGECRETE Yapı Kimyasalları are 130 km away from the city center of Istanbul, close to the main ports and 2 km from the TEM highway.





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